Remote Computer Assistance
You should only be at this page if a technician has directed you here.
The tech will tell you what his tech # is.
Click the corresponding button and enter the pin code the tech gave you to connect to that tech.

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Appleton Computer Services

Call our remote tech dept and we will guide you through the remote process and have your system running smoothly.

818-212-0325   Or   866-834-9029




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Appleton Computer Services  provides remote assistance to anyone in any location with a high speed internet connection. Service is usually done while you are on the phone with your tech. You can see exactly what they are doing?
Our techs do not have access to your computer after you are logged off. 

No set up is required and no software remains on your machine after we disconnect. Our techs do not have the ability to log back in later once the connection is stopped. Your satisfaction and security is our goal.


• There is no need to open any extra ports on your corporate or personal firewall, as all
communication between the technician and the customer’s PC makes use of the standard
web protocol (HTTP).
• An encrypted connection is established between technician and customer, using established
Internet protocols (256-bit SSL).
• Support sessions are initiated by the customer: a technician cannot examine a customer’s
device without being invited to do so by the customer.
• Once the support session has ended, all access rights to access the customer’s device are
• Nothing is permanently installed on the customer’s PC. A small Applet is downloaded when
the session starts and is removed when the session ends. The only exception to this is if the
Calling Card Applet is downloaded onto the customer’s PC. In this case, the Applet remains
on the machine, but it is the customer who instigates support sessions using the Calling Card.









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