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On-Site Computer Repair:


Why Choose Appleton Computer Services:


Remote Computer Repair:

Hardware - Installation / repairs and upgrades
• Software - installation and repairs
• Operating systems - installation, upgrades,  repairs / error repair
• Computer systems - installation and setup
• Troubleshooting / Full Diagnostics / Error repair
• Networks, DSL & Cable wired & wireless - setup and repairs
• Backup - setup and fixes
• Data Recovery - transfer to new drive or recovery
• Virus & Firewall - setup and fixes
• Spyware & Adware - removal and prevention
• Computer lessons - individual or group

•Computer/ Laptop Upgrades; memory/hard drive/ cd/dvd roms/power supplies/Any upgrade needed 
Printer, scanner, camera installation & configuration

Computer Repair at our Location:

Sometimes your computer cannot be repaired on-site and needs to be repaired at our facility. We will pick-up and deliver your computer at no extra charge.

Our services are always guaranteed, if we can't fix it, you don't pay and we do charge by the hour BUT are not strict "Clockwatchers. In other words if we go over the first hour and a half by a few mins we don't charge you for the next hour. We Never push you to buy software from us.


Troubleshooting Virus detection and removal, Malware/spyware detection and removal:

$100 for the first 1 1/12 hours. $50 per hour for every hour after that.

Installing operating system or to re install operating system $100 Includes updates, Office, Chrome,  Anti virus, anti malware


If you need a part you'll be notified before we continue 


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Virus/Spyware removal / Slow PC or  Laptop / Troubleshooting / Full  Diagnostics / Error repair

We use Mikogo remote connection to quickly and easily remotely repair your computer using a safe remote connection. You are there with us while we repair you system. Then when we disconnect we CAN'T Get back in unless you log us in. 
Why pay more and lug your computer to retail outlets for software repair?


Remote repair:

$50 per hour




















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